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The Adike Pudi (Powder) is a succulent ready-to-eat supari that floods your mouth with freshness & a tinge of sweetness in every bite.

Vrutada Adike Pudi (Chaaturmasa Special Supari) is Supari prepared with very few ingredients to be made fit to consume during special Chaturmaasa Vruta. Chaaturmaasa is practiced every year from Shraavana to Kartik -4 Hindu Months(ShravanaBhadrapada, Ashweej and Kartika months).In this period people follow certain restricted food practices associated with each of these four months wherein Raajasik & Taamasik foods are avoided like onion, Garlic etc.& some other restrictions with the other food groups.

This Vrutada Adike Pudi (Chaaturmasa Special Supari) is now available at Flora Foods to serve its loving customers to ease their Vrutas & get benefitted with what they really need.

This versatile aromatic goodness of Indian tradition is often consumed with betel leaves.

Chewing on this combo boosts the flow of saliva, aids digestion & helps increase your appetite.

Authentically made using the freshest of ingredients, this tasty & super-healthy supari is a welcome treat for your tastebuds.

So don’t wait any longer to order now Vrutada Adike Pudi (Chaaturmasa Special Supari) and complete your Vruta  with dedication.


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