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  • Anjeer Khajur Dry Fruits Laddu (Anjeer Khajur Dry Fruits Undi)


    Anjeer Khajur Dry Fruits Laddus (Anjeer Khajur Dry Fruits Undi) are healthy laddus prepared without any sugar or jaggery and is entirely made with grounded Anjeer (Figs) & Khajur (dates). The sweetness to the laddus comes from dates . The base content being dried Anjeer has a flavourful tasty & healthy Laddu with dry fruits. The real taste of Anjeer can be felt mouthful and hence it will be a healthy diabetic friendly dessert or your next celebration, as well as a wonderfully healthy snack / energy booster.

  • Kaju Khajur Bites


    Kaju Khajur Bites are attractive healthy Sweets in Burfi form prepared without any sugar or jaggery and is entirely made with ground fresh dates or khajur. The sweetness to the particular sweet comes from dates and hence a healthy dessert for your next celebration, as well as a wonderfully healthy snack / energy booster. A nutritiously royal product to be gifted to any age group any time.

    Rich in Iron, Calcium and essential good fats , the dry fruits add to boost your immunity & healthy bones. Sugarless filling tasty snack can satisfy your small hunger attacks.

    Enjoy Flora’s delicious Dates’ dish on all the dates to be healthy.

    So why wait!!!

    Just order…& Bite the Kaju Khajur Bites to enjoy the world of nutritious nuts in circular cuts.

  • Methi Laddu (Fenugreek Seeds Laddu)


    Quite difficult & time-consuming to prepare, the Methi (Fenugreek) Laddu is authentically made by sourcing the finest quality of Fenugreek seeds in the market.

    A high source of energy & nutrients, this slightly bitter energy-boosting ball of goodness is both insanely delicious & supremely healthy.

    Just one Laddu for breakfast will fill you up & meet your daily nutritional requirements.

    Alternatively, you can enjoy this Laddu as an appetizing dessert post meals with your family.

    It’s wholesome.

    It’s mouth-watering.

    It’s free of artificial flavors & preservatives.

    Simply put, it checks ALL the boxes.

    So grab a pack right now & indulge guilt-free!

  • Less-Sugar Tuppada Mandige (Pure Ghee Mandige with Less Sugar)


    Notoriously difficult to prepare, the Tuppada Mandige is an authentic showstopper that is a raving hit among the North Karnataka Brahmin household.

    Rich, creamy & delicious, this one-of-a-kind sweet is made with Sajje Pitte (Broken wheat & a very small quantity of Maida), Pure Ghee, & Sugar Powder.

    Keeping diet & health-conscious folks in mind, this version of the Tuppada Mandige is made with less sugar.

    Served post-rice meals, it is generally relished during festivals, weddings, thread ceremonies, & special occasions.

    This sumptuous & soft treat is exclusively made by Flora Foods & not available anywhere else.

    All said, if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty, this is one mouth-watering dish you simply cannot afford to miss out on!

    Note : Inspite of our best efforts to pack this particular item to be delivered intact, there may/will be 15-20% of breakage.

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