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Shrirangam Janivara(Yajnopaveeta) is a sacred thread worn in Upanayana or Munjvi. Usually worn by Brahmins, Vaishyas and Kshatriyas. It is a significance of the spiritual maturity that is made worn by the boys of 6-8yrs and above with the ritual of Upanayana. It also signifies the second spiritual birth of the Vatu (DWIJA)

It comes in 2 types – 1. 3ply Janivara, 2. 6ply Janivara.

3 Ply Janivara is worn by Brahmachari’s(Bachelors)and 6 Ply is worn in the marriage.

Flora Foods is giving Shrirangam Janivara(Yajnopaveeta) specially available at Shrirangam in Tamilnadu.

In Tamilnadu there are nearly 40,000 Temples for Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Iyengars/Vaishnavas traditionally worship 108 important Temples of Vishnu (namely Divya Desams) of which Srirangam Temple is the first. 

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