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Sheegi Gouri/Shigi Hunnime Gouri-Wooden

Seege Gouri
It is practice in North Karnataka and its adjacent parts of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra to worship Goddess Gouri on the full moon days of Autumn season (Sharath Purnima). On the full moon day of Ashwija month of Hindu calender Gouri will be worshipped as “Sheegi Gouri”, “Sheegavva”, “Sanna Gouri” etc. There are no specific procedures and mantras for this ritual. Some wild flowers will be offered and a garland prepared from cotton with vermilion locally known as “Gejje vasthra” will be offered to the deity. Folk songs in vernacular will be sung by the womenfolk in praise of the Goddess during puja. An aarathi will be performed in the evening by placing fruits, sweets, colourful confectioneries prepared from crystalized sugar syrup in the Aarathi plate. Goddess Gouri will be treated as their daughter who has visited her maternal home. Rice,turmeric , vermilion, bangles, coconut and other auspicious items will be offered to the Goddess before immersion of the idol prepared from potter’s clay into the water.
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