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Sandhya Vandane Kit/Set are used during Sandhya Vandane-performed post Upanayana.

It is a must to give to the vatu’s in any Upanayana/Munjive.

To facilitate the Sandhya vandane, Flora Foods is ready with the proper kit/set with all the items needed for the same.

The Set has the following items:

  1. Copper Tabana -1
  2. Pancha patra/Copper Tumbler-2
  3. Teerthada Sountu/Uddharane -1
  4. Sandhya Vandane Mudra Set-1
  5. Gopi Chandana -2 Sticks/pcs
  6. Trikala Sandhya vandane Book-1

Get the whole Set of Sandhya Vandane Items & get started with any Pooja.

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