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The legendary Ram Rahim’s Cow Ghee has a cult-like following.

This premium aromatic ghee is authentically prepared from cattle that are super-healthy, 100% grass-fed & looked after with utmost care.

A powerhouse of minerals, vitamins, calcium & protein, this immunity-boosting product is both insanely delicious & supremely healthy.

It is a fantastic substitute for cooking oil. Slather it on top of Jowar Rotti/Paranatha/Chapati or simply pair it with hot rice to experience its rich flavors.

This product contains no artificial flavors, additives, preservatives, or chemicals – It is prepared in tiny batches & packed hygienically.

NOTE: FloraFoods procures this product on behalf of customers, packages, and ships it from Dharwad.

Therefore, the total cost includes the MRP of the product, as well as handling, packaging & conveyance charges.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Shelf Life & Storage Care

Shelf Life : Up to 2 Months in air tight container

Storage Care: Ghee can be stored for upto 4 Months if refrigerated.


Pure Butter

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