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Drumstick tree also known as Moringa Oleifera is a magical tree.

The leaves of the drumstick tree has been known to possess medicinal properties, and is a necessary ingredient in many ayurvedic medicines.

Drumstick leaves/Sahajan ke patte are also used in the preparation of many modern medicines.

There are many active substances in drumstick leaves which make it possible to cure many health problems in humans.

Drumstick leaves contain protein, Vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium, potassium, and is also high in antioxidants including ascorbic acid, folic and fenolic..

Drumstic leaves helping in fighting cancer, protecting liver, maintaining healthy vision, preventing diabetes, reducing high blood pressure, strengthening immune system, reducing the risk of heart disease, preventing anaemia, helping in weight loss, maintaining healthy hair and skin, inducing lactation, curing constipation, treating kidney stone, supporting brain health, protecting against toxicity.

You get all the above benefits when you use the drumstic leaves chutney powder on a daily basis.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

Shelf Life & Storage Care

Shelf Life: 1-5 months

Storage Care: Can last up to 1 month if stored in an air-tight container. Can last up to 5 months if stored in a refrigerator.


Drumstick leaves, dry coconut, channa dal, urad dal, tamarind, jaggery, sesame seeds (til), asfoetida (heeng), methi seeds, chilli powder.

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