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A powerhouse of proteins, energy & nutrients, our Menthe Hittu is a versatile dish prepared by sourcing the finest quality of Fenugreek seeds in the market.

The Fenugreek seeds alongside a few other ingredients are roasted & milled to perfection resulting in the flour (hittu).

It is fundamentally a refreshing fusion of lentils, grains, seeds & spices.

Mix it with some hot rice & garnish it with a little ghee to relish the inviting aroma & taste. An important main course for a lactating mother, small kids & a handy pack while travelling. If you’re time-crunched, tired, or are simply not in the mood to prepare a time-consuming dish, Our Menthe Powder will happily come to your rescue, also you can use to thicken any gravy for curries and have a wholesome meal for the family in a jiffy.

So stock your kitchen shelf with this potent powder right away.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg


Channa Dal, Urad Dal, Wheat, Rice Coriander Seeds, Jeera, Mustard

Shelf Life & Storage Care

Shelf life: 4-10 months

Storage care: 4 months if kept in airtight container; 8-10 months if kept refrigerated

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