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Kankana Dhaara -5Yele/Hangalola(5Ply Cotton Yarn) are used for tie-ing round the neck of Kalasha on which Gouri or Devi Lakshmi is arranged and worshipped. Else, for Ganga Poojan in Kalash also this is tied. In some communities this sacred thread is called as Hangalola. This Dhaara with a betel leaf, flower interlaced is worn on the Right hand wrist by both Ladies and Gents before performing any Pooja, Havan or Homa and on all auspicious occasions. While doing any diety Poojs like Gouri, Lakshmi, it’s tied on the wrist before starting the same by Ladies.

Kankana Dhaara -5Yele/Hangalola comes in the form of a bundle

Flora Foods is giving Pure cotton Kankana Dhaara -5Yele/Hangalola. 

Get the devotional touch and feel with Pure cotton Kankana Dhaara -5Yele/Hangalola.

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NOTE : Comes as a Daarada Undi/Bundle.

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