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Janivara(Yajnopaveeta) is a sacred thread worn in Upanayana or Munjvi. Usually worn by Brahmins, Vaishyas and Kshatriyas. It is a significance of the spiritual maturity that is made worn by the boys of 6-8yrs and above with the ritual of Upanayana. It also signifies the second spiritual birth of the Vatu (DWIJA)

It comes in 2 types – 1. 3ply Janivara, 2. 6ply Janivara.

3 Ply Janivara is worn by Brahmachari’s(Bachelors)and 6 Ply is worn in the marriage.

Flora Foods is giving hand made Pure cotton Janivara(Yajnopaveeta).

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NOTE : Comes in Packet of 5

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