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Halasina Happala(Jackfruit Papad) are unique happala/papad from North Karnataka region. Everyone would have tasted Jackfruit Chips but papad is unique. People make these happalas(Papad) and store them in a dry place during summer and eat them almost daily throughout the entire year. This goes well with any kind of rice, roti and chapati. It looks grand and tastes awesome. It is a great accompaniment as a side food, to the main course.

As it is made up of Halasinakai Happala(Jackfruit Papad) it is light, fruity flavourful, embracingly expansive when deep fried.

Flora Foods always tries to serve new tasty things.

Enjoy the crunchy Halasinakai Happala(Jackfruit Papad) with all the menus or as evening snack with Tea/Coffee.

Comes in Packet of 300g with approximately 20 Papads.

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