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‘Rajamudi’, is a variety of rice that was earlier grown exclusively for the “Wadiyars” – the maharajas of Mysore. Now relegated in small pockets of cultivation, it deserves to be conserved and enjoyed. ‘Rajamudi rice’ is flavourful and goes well with any Indian dish. It is unpolished, and naturally comes in a beautiful red and brown pattern. Rajamudi rice is sourced directly from small scale farmer.

It is a rich source of dietary fiber, antioxidants and iron. The nutritional values per 100gms are Energy- 345 kcal, Protein- 7.94 g, Fat- 1.987 g, CHO- 78.99 g, and Dietary fibre- 10.18 g 


It’s much easier to digest, promotes weight loss, retards major illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and is dramatically more nutritious. Rajamudi lowers the risk of obesity. It keeps heart diseases at bay, helps keep heart disease at bay, controls diabetes, lowers high cholesterol, reduces diabetes and help fight depression.

However, this rice is suitable for daily consumption & can be used to prepare a variety of rice dishes.

It is procured from the source, cleaned (without any chemicals) & packed hygienically with utmost care to ensure the highest quality & freshness.

Flora Rajamudi Rice is 6months aged, chemical free and has less shelf life as it is unpolished.

Comes in pack of 1Kg

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