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A special box from Flora Foods, that offers you to taste some of the most hot selling products, grouped under the name of “Flora Mega Box”(Without garlic )

The box consists of:-

  1. Menthe hittu  -100gms
  2. Shenga Hinndi  -100gms
  3. Agasi & Gurellu Chutney Pudi -100gms
  4. Vadakalu Chutney Pudi -100gms
  5. Puthani & Shenga Chutney Pudi -100gm
  6. Hurali Chutney Pudi-100gm
  7. Hagalakayi Chutney Pudi -100gms
  8. Multi Milllet Chutney Pudi -100gms
  9. Nuggekayi Chutney Pudi-100gms
  10. Karibevu Chutney Pudi -100gms
  11. Masala Pudi -100gms
  12. Huli Pudi-100gms
  13. Garam Masala-100gms
  14. Saarina Pudi -100gms
  15. Vangibath Masala-100gms
  16. Puliyogare  Mix (Powder)-100gms
  17. Karibevu Pudi-100gms
  18. Bisibelebhath Masala-100gms

Total weight of the Products is 1800 grams (each product weight is 100gms)

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