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Devi Combo Simple

Is a whole festival Devi/Deity decoration easy to prepare and arrange for pooja . Arrange this Deity as
Gouri -Ashtami Gouri, Swarna Gouri, Chaitra Gouri, Hoovilya (Dodda Gouri), Shraavana Gouri, Shukra Gouri,  Mangala Gouri or any other.

You can as well arrange as Lakshmi– Varamahalakshmi, Dasara Lakshmi, Deepavali Lakshmi  Poojan, Amavasya Lakshmi Pooja, Maargasheersha Guruvaar Lakshmi, Vaibhava Lakshmi, Ganga poojan and so on.

The Combo consists of the following items

1. Lakshmi/Devi Mukha -Small

2. Devi Ready Seere/Devi Readymade Saree-SIMPLE

3. Blouse Piece with Border-1

4. Baaginada Packet -1

5. Transparent Arishina Kunkuma Packet-1

6. Oval Pyale of Arishina Kunkuma -1

Flora Foods understands your devotional needs & time restrictions, hence fetching you convenient items that are easy to arrange, decorate & do grand Pooja to get blessed.

Get ordering !!! Devi Ready Seere/Devi Readymade Saree-SIMPLE & make your auspicious days all the more special.

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