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A traditional, flavorful & aromatic rice-based breakfast delicacy originating from Karnataka, the BisiBeleBhath is a wholesome meal rich in fibers, magnesium & anti-oxidants.

Ground to perfection with the freshest & choicest of spices, our BisiBeleBhath Masala is prepared in a traditional manner with the right proportion of premium & natural ingredients (devoid of preservatives & additives) imparting a restaurant-like quality to this food item.

A spoonful of ghee + Piping hot BisiBeleBath + Boondi/Chips = A treat of gigantic proportions for your tastebuds So what are you waiting for? Get ordering 🙂

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Haveeja (Kottambari Beeja / Coriander Seeds), Dry Coconut, Jeera (Cumin Seeds), Refined Oil, Menthe (Fenugreek seeds), Chakke (Dalchinni), Yellu (Til), Small quantity of Kadli byali (Channa Dal) & uddin byali (Urad Dal), Maratha Mogga (Capers / Kapok Buds), Tamal Patri (Bay Leaf / Patraka), Byadgi Red Chilli Powder, Hingu (Asfoetida), Yalakki (Cardamom), Lavanga (Cloves), Salt

Shelf Life & Storage Care

Shelf Life: 3 –  6 months

Storage care: Keep Airtight; 6 Months if Refrigerated

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