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BajeBeru/Bhaje beru/Pudi is a popular natural and medicinal herb widely used for infants and babies for different problems. The plant is called as Sweet Flag in English. It is also known as ‘Baje beru/Baje pudi  in Kannada as it helps mothers to raise their infants and babies without illness. Baje beru has a lot of medicinal properties. Most of the households in South India & parts of Maharashtra who follow natural remedies will have Baje beru/pudi in stock. It eases hear burn and counter acidity problem.

For new mothers & newborn babies; Baje pudi is applied on the head, chest & sole of the feet for babies & to the arms, palms, sole, back, knees, ankles, elbow(usually all the joints) externally to keep up the required heat. People tie a rope made with Bajeberu on hands of infants and babies. Whenever they lick it, it helps to cure stomach problems and the smell also helps to protect them from various ailments. Burn baje beru till it turns to black color. Swipe it with water and make a paste like kajal consistency. You can apply it as a bindi on forehead, cheeks and feet. Make sure to get a thick consistency.

This is mostly done until the baby turns six months old.

Baje root helps relieve sore throat, effective against asthma, chronic bronchitis and acts as a chest decongestant.

Order Flora Bhaje Pudi/Baje Pudi to treat yourself herbally. 

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