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Avalakki or Flattened rice is a flaky delight, the thickness of which varies between almost translucently thin to nearly 4X thinner than a normal rice grain.

When added to any edible liquid (like milk, water, etc) they absorb it to swell-up in size.

Addition of tumeric powder gives it an explicit yellowish colour.

This humble & versatile food is often paired with other ingredients to produce sumptuous dishes.

Also, it has a whole bunch of health benefits – it regulates sugar levels, acts as a probiotic, & is loaded with iron.

If you’re on the hunt for a wonder-food that is filling & yet light on the stomach, then look no further. Order now

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

0.25 KG, 0.5 KG, 1 KG

Shelf Life & Storage Care

Shelf Life: 20-30 days

Storage Care: Can last upto a month if stored in an air-tight container.


Paper Avalakki, Refined Oil, Shenga (Groundnut), Putthani (Hurigadale or Roasted/Fried Gram), Dry Coconut, Salt, Sugar, Arishina Pudi (Turmeric Powder), Fried Green Chillies, Cashewnut, Curry Leaves, Mustard, Asfoetida (Heeng),Dhaniya,Fenugreek Powder.

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