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Ashtami Daara/Ashtami Thread- Ele Ashtami – Jyeshta Gowri Pooja is celebrated widely in North Karnataka. This festival falls on the 8th day of the Hindu month Bhadrapada.

Those families who have been celebrating this festival since generations usually perform the pooja. The ritual is very similar to Swarna Gowri Vratha. The only difference in this festival is that 16 threads dipped in turmeric paste are tied with flowers and kept in front of the idol. This is then tied on the neck/wrist of the ladies who perform the pooja.

This vratha is also known as Shodasha Uma Vratha as the number ‘16’ has special significance in this puja. Gauri is referred to as Mahalakshmi in some households of North Karnataka. Devotees bring Jyeshta Gauri to their homes in pairs such as Jyeshtha – Kanishtha, Sakhi – Parvati etc. Devotees place the Goddess in various forms like pebbles, masks, decorations, haldi, or clay idols.

Flora Foods is giving Ashtami Daara/Ashtami Thread to facilitate for the vruta.

Get the devotional touch and feel with Pure cotton Ashtami Daara/Ashtami Thread for Ashtami Gouri vruta.

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