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Ardha-Nareeshwara Batti/Shiva Parvati Batti/Wick are an artistic, traditional battis used for Shiva Parvati Pooja.

This batti has 2 battis or wicks interlaced to each other. It has 54 rounds of loops known as Marriage special batti.

This Particular batti is specially known for Marriage yogaUnmarried Men & Women can light this with a desire to get good life partner.

It is believed that, Every Monday One Ardha-Nareeshwara Batti can be lit in any Shiva temple or in front of your home to get blessings of Shiva Parvati.

Flora Foods is giving hand made Ardha-Nareeshwara Batti. Difficult, time taking skilled art of making these battis need real patience & dedication. These are prepared by skilled women of all age groups with love and devotion. They prepare them while listening to Pravachanas or singing bhajans.

Get the devotional touch and feel with Flora battis.

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NOTE : Comes as a Single Batti.

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