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Aralu or Popped Sorghum / Jwar popcorn is light, healthy, nutritious and is a rich source of dietary fiber.

It is also offered during Puja for Naga Chaturthi & Naga Panchami.

Aralu Undi/Popped Sorghum or Jowar/ Jwar popcorn Laddu is the lightest of all the Laddus.

Very simple, light, healthy yet pain staking laddu. Hot Jaggery syrup with these crunchy pop sorghum have to be made in to Laddus with the ghee smeared palms that experience the red hot touch every time. Flora Foods is serving such crunchy healthy laddu with the touch of Devotional love & affection.

Taste the sweetness of Jaggery with the crunchiness& nice flavour of Aralu.

Offer the Laddus on the occasion of NaagaPanchami with other Flora authentic Laddus. Enjoy these Laddus with our traditional Panchami special games like Swing, Wooden Spinning Top(Buguri), Phugadi, Bol Bagari etc. Let’s pray, play, eat & get blessings of Naagadevata.

Hurry & Get Ordering Aralu Undi!!!

Comes in Pack Of 250g-Around 10 Laddus.

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