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Want to refresh & rejuvenate your taste buds?

The Amtekai Uppinakai(Junglee Aalubukhara Ka Achar) is the way to go.

Packing a textbook tangy & sour taste, every scoop of this succulent treat causes an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

Rich in Vitamin C & Iron, the Hog Plum has various health benefits – it helps boost immunity, reduces the risk of heart diseases, etc.

This pickle has a nostalgic flavour that’ll delight your taste buds like never before.

We prepare it in tiny batches sourcing the freshest ingredients.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

Shelf Life & Storage Care

Shelf Life: 6-8 months

Storage Care: Keep airtight and refrigerated


Amtekai (Indian Hog Plum), Asfoetida (Heeng), Methi Seeds, Byadgi Red Chilli Powder, Refined Oil, Turmeric Powder, Mustard Powder

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