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Akshata/Akkikalu/Mantrakshate(Red) is offered to God in every Pooja, aarati also in Marriages, Upanayanaand all the Homa & Havanas.
The word Akshata has been derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Akshat’ meaning ‘whole’. Akshata has the ability to retain shakti & chaitanya of the pooja ritual & the positive vibrations of the respective pooja, Mantra, tantra or other Vedic chantings.
There are two types of Akshata-White & Red. White is used for Lord Vishnu & Eeshwara who are the saviors, while Red is used for Lord Ganapati & all other deities as it is having destroyer energy needed for cutting off negative vibrations.
Akshata is always prepared with whole grains not the broken ones.
Flora Foods is preparing this Red Akshata with good quality Raw Rice with Ghee, Kunkuma & Arishina.
Order Red Akshata for all the auspicious days or make your every day auspicious with This.

Note:Comes in pack of 500gms

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