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408 Dalada Hoobatti (408Petals/blades Wick) are an artistic, traditional battis used for Pooja.

This batti comprises of 408 dala/yele giving shape of Deepastambha with a stiff single wick. This Particular batti looks so full and beautiful. It is like lighting 408 battis together at a time. Each Dala/Petal/Blade signifies each day of the whole year. That is why, it is also called as 365 Dalada Batti. That is the significance of this particular wick. These are especially used in Adhika maasa. It is believed as by lighting this particular batti in Adhika Maasa all our sins are washed away/forgiven.

This Batti can be lit in – Adhika Maasa, Kartika Maasa & Shiva Ratri.

It is believed as by lighting this batti on every Kartika Monday, the desired, aspired work or wish is fulfilled or done. The method of lighting or positioning of this batti is particular. A Pooja thali is  filled with Rice & kept aside. In this rice, starting with ‘SHREE’ the desire or the work to be done is written. Now, 408 Dalada Hoobatti is dipped in ghee, pressed a little to drain off excess ghee & kept in a Pranati or Big Diya. This diya/Pranati is kept in the Centre of Rice filled Pooja Thali. After praying for the success of your work/wish, You can lit this with positive peaceful mind full of devotion.

This dry 408 Dalada Hoobatti have to be soaked in ghee and dried to make them ready to keep in Pranati or big Diya to light the main wick at the Centre.

Extensively used during Adhika Maasa(Leap year) to light these wide variety of battis to offer & get blessings.

Flora Foods is giving hand made 408 Dalada Hoobatti. Difficult, time taking skilled art of making these battis need real patience & dedication. These are prepared by skilled women of all age groups with love and devotion. They prepare them while listening to Pravachanas or singing bhajans.

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