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Hurakki Holige is a unique holige especially prepared for festivals like Sankranti, Seegi Hunnime and Deepawali. Hurakki Holige is a scrumptious traditional sweet with authentic taste of North Karnataka. It is prepared traditionally by grinding Navane(Foxtail Millet) along with other ingredients and Jaggery. Hurakki Holige has an interesting sphere shape and fried Holige. Hurakki Holige is a crispy crunchy fried stuffed sweet that fills your mouth with variety of flavours & crunch. Foxtail Millet is nutritious with Vitamin B12, low glycemic value and Fiber rich helps in controlling Diabetes . Flora Foods is launching delicious Hurakki Holige to serve you all. Feel the healthy crunch & taste . Get Ordering!!! Comes in Pack Of 35 Holiges 


Note : Inspite of our best efforts to pack this particular item to be delivered intact, there may be 15-20% of breakage.

FLORA FOODS is here to offer you


Get Ordering to offer to the almighty & your loved ones & Stay blessed.

(NOTE :- Comes in Pack of 35 Holiges)

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