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  • Antina Undi (Fried Edible Gum Laddu)Gondh Ke Laddu


    Super-healthy, hearty, delectable, & nutrient-dense, the Antina Undi is a marriage of dry fruits, nuts, & dates held together by Natural Edible Gum.

    It is widely popular among North Karnataka households.

    In addition to nursing mothers, kids & adults of all ages will enjoy this refreshingly wholesome snack.

    In the Kannada language, the word “Antu” means edible gum(Gondh/Dink) & “Undi” means sweet balls(Laddu) Available in most ayurvedic shops, Edible Gum has a whole bunch of health benefits – It improves metabolism, boosts stamina, lubricates joints, strengthens bones, & is a good source of calcium.

    So order a packet of these Laddus right away to relish them with zero regrets 🙂

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