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Our Godhi Hittu (Whole Wheat Flour) is a powerhouse of natural dietary fibers made without any chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

We thoroughly clean, process & pack the grains with utmost care to ensure the highest quality & freshness. Since ages, Indians have used it to prepare chapati/parantha almost every day.

It is also used in pizza, bake mixes, pastries, etc.

An almost endless list of health & nutritional benefits can be attributed to Whole Wheat – it boosts digestion, improves immunity, & is an excellent source of minerals, enzymes, & magnesium.

We Indians are known to have a legendary love affair with this wholesome ingredient.

So what are you waiting for? Go order!

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Shelf Life & Storage Care

Shelf Life: 45 days

Storage Care: Store in an air-tight container



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